Zero Carbon

Seaxplore as part of its commitment to a zero carbon business has invested in the Baspa project in India.

This hydro energy plant generates electricity using a run-of-the-river hydro- electric power plant. This type of renewable hydro power generation has minimal impact on aquatic and animal life.

Without this project approximately 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, 12,000 tonnes of Sulphur oxides and 6,000 tonnes of Nitrogen oxides would be released into the atmosphere each year.

The project has employed local people, upgraded roads in this deprived area, created eight bridges and funded the upgrading of existing local schools, developed new ones as well as creating a new hospital and funding for doctors and medical staff with free medication for people in nearby villages.

Without investment from private companies this renewable energy project would not exist. Seaxplore is proud to be helping this project.