Safety Policy

In many years at sea we have never had an accident – passenger or crew. We put this exemplary safety record down to experience and sound judgement.  We always put safety first and our Skippers and Crew are very aware of this.

Our safety policies are extensive and are apply not just on-board but are also tied into maintenance schedules, fuelling procedures and workshop and office practices. Our policies are not there just for our customers – they are there to protect our staff and all around us.

Here we just give an idea of our approach and for your assurance a list of a few simple things that you can identify with. These actually only form about 20% of the whole policy.

As long established seafaring people with extensive knowledge of these waters and overseas waters we have every respect for the oceans and their temperament. The sea is a beautiful and calming environment but has its risks. We try to identify all off these in our working practices to ensure a safe enjoyable trip for our clients. We are proud to note that we have not suffered a serious accident or suffered vessel damage in our time of operation.

  • All vessels are licensed and inspected by the Marine Coastguard Agency. Our vessels are licensed to operate 20 miles from nominated ports.
  • Skippers hold professional qualifications and undergo extensive training by the company.
  • Vessels undergo a safety check each day prior to sailing.
  • We carry equipment well in excess of the legal requirements.
  • We are fully insured with vessel public liability in excess of the legal requirement.
  • The company has a written safety policy which includes detailed procedures for overdue boats etc (15 minutes overdue and no radio contact the lifeboat could be on its way to you)
  • At all times a shore duty safety officer is established to act in case of an emergency.
  • Skippers and crews undertake regular emergency drills.
  • Personnel are put through First Aid Courses.
  • We make it compulsory for you to be fitted with lifejackets and will refuse boarding if you are intoxicated in any form.
  • Vessels carry emergency life rafts.

Three frequently asked questions

  1. Is it safe for children?
    We carry babies of all sizes right down to babes in arms. Our biggest concern for the little ones is wind chill so please make sure that they are wrapped up. As for looking after and understanding the small ones … we’ve had plenty experience!
  2. What if I feel unwell or have a panic attack?
    If you are unsure then we would recommend the 1 hour tour – if you really feel unhappy we won’t hesitate to sail quickly back to shore and drop you off. We totally understand it might not suit everyone and we won’t make a fuss!
  3. I have a medical condition – can I sail?
    We carry physically and mentally disabled people, pregnant ladies to full term etc.  Our general rule is that you must let us know when booking that you have a condition. This will be related to the boat and the skipper may give advice. The sailing is always tailored to the passengers on board and hence it is important that the skipper knows of any condition. Ultimately though – a note from our insurers:

“…unless there is an act of negligence that the decision to partake in the activity is that of the client and by partaking they consent.”

Please note that the vessels depart from Ballachulish and Fort William and here there is a short walk to the slipway and pontoon, which could prove difficult for those with limited ability however both are wheelchair accessible depending on weather.